Why is avocado soybean Unsaponifiables such a popular treatment for osteoarthritis?

Avocado soybean Unsaponifiables, also known as ASU, is the organic or vegetable extract made from soybean oil and avocado oil. Since the year 1990, it has been the prescription treatment for joint disorder and ailment. There are two parts of soybean while only one avocado part. In order to make this powerful oil, large quantity of fresh soybeans and avocado is needed. Since the ASU content in the fresh avocado and raw soybean is too less, you cannot get the adequate dosage of ASU. Since it is the mixture of different plant compounds, ASU is the popular treatment for joint diseases. The active ingredient of ASU is certainly phytosterols which is the group of fatty substance found so much in the plants. Apart from this, tocopherols, comprising many form of Vitamin E, are also present.

The great importance of avocado soybean unsaponifiable

ASU treatment is the best form of cure for joint diseases and ailments since it eliminates the need for NSAIDs. NSAIDs are toxic and dangerous drugs and so anything that helps you in avoiding them must be considered a success in the treatment. ASU is one such component that helps in eliminating your reliance on harmful drugs for pain management. A lot many studies have already been conducted to judge the efficacy of ASU. Set of people, in their late 50s, documented with osteoarthritis, were given ASU. Previously, they were in regular NSAIDs and later they were given ASU which brought about significant changes or improvement. Although the treatment was pretty short but they reported reduction in the pain and swelling. In short, it is effective and extremely safe answer for osteoarthritis for people of all age groups. For the entire body, the natural plant extract is beneficial.

How to address occasional pain in the joint and shoulders?

Most individuals in their late 40s and 50s experience twinge of pain in shoulders and knees. This pain may be associated with debilitating joint disease, Osteoarthritis. It is important to talk to the physician about the treatment procedure and discuss out the lifestyle in details. Pain relief measures like ice application, massage therapies may be adopted. Chiropractors can help a lot in pain management. Although ointments help in reducing pain and joint related discomfort, Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables is the most fantastic treatment. It is natural, safe and devoid of side effects. The herbs present in the mixture directly get absorbed by the skin and the pain relief penetration improves blood flow towards the joint area. The affected area gets adequate supply of Oxygen and blood. ASU helps in the reduction of joint inflammation and completely stimulates the production of cartilage in those who suffer from OA. The presence of soybean, avocado and other herbs in the mixture reduce pain or stiffness associated with arthritis.

For cartilage repair, pain reduction in the joint area, it is important to consider 300mg of ASU. Regular application will improve blood circulation and prevent clotting to reduce stiffness. If the surrounding muscle is stiff, it is even more important to administer ASU.

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